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For your viewing pleasure, select the Photographs tab to view the photographs by subject or theme: Water (including photos of Cape Cod, Sail Boats, Beaches and Ocean Views; Fauna which includes photographs of Dragonflies and Birds (you will find photos of Cardinals, Sandpipers and Hummingbirds); in the Flowers gallery, pictures of Sunflowers, Hydrangea, and lush Gardens; the New England photograph section includes a Doors of New England poster (as well as Doors of Holliston) and photos of fall foliage, lighthouses and the Atlantic Coast.  The Triptych gallery features facsimiles of Beth’s innovative triptychs.  Each 10 x 20 mat features three 5” x 7” photos.  The subject matter of the triptych photographs follow the themes found in the other photographs, including Flowers (Hydrangea, Sunflowers), Birds (cardinals, hummingbirds) and photos showcasing New England Lighthouses,
Cape Cod, Town Neck Beach and Sail Boats.

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