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Beth Hoffer



Having lived in New England all but the first three years of her life, Beth is

inspired by the natural and architectural beauty of the region.  Her photographs

represent a wide range of the area, including the Maine Coast, Cape Cod, the

White Mountains, and Boston and its suburbs.  The photographs bring to mind

favorite places and pleasant memories.  While viewing the world through the

camera lens, Beth has come to appreciate that everything changes, be it by the

season, day or minute.  Her work hangs in both private and public collections. 

Before turning to photography full time, Beth was a career librarian putting

her MLS to work in academic and public libraries.

The web site offers an overview of her work.  Please contact Beth if you have

any questions about a specific image.  The photographs are available framed

and/or matted in various sizes.  Note cards and posters also available.

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